María Ferrara

I was born in Málaga (Spain) in 1971 and I live in Berlin. I’ve always been fascinated by human nature  and have made this fascination my work. Every one of our actions is an act of creativity. When we are aware of our needs, our vision and the environment, when our body is capable of action, when we are ready to jump into the moment with full presence, then we experience the full freedom and responsibility of creating, be it our art or our life.

I approach psychoemotional processes and human interactions in relational and social contexts based on a Gestalt understanding (Gestalt Therapy training at the Madrid School of Gestalt Therapy, specialization in Group Processes). Creativity needs a body-mind connection for feelings, ideas and intuitions to be brought into reality. I employ practical tools derived from my training and ongoing practice as an actress to facilitate embodiment, manifestation and expression –  so that what we are inside can come out into the world as concrete actions.

I have asked clients for words that describe what they valued about me in my work. Here are the results in a mind map. The larger the bubble, the more often a word and its synonyms appeared.

Don’t hesitate to contact me here if you have any questions, it will be a pleasure to answer them!